Scientific Name:
Gulo gulo

Geographic Range:
The Wolverine ranges from northern Europe and Siberia to North America. Northern United States, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Northern Europe are the areas where Wolverines can be found.

If Wolverines live in the areas where there are extended times of light or darkness, they are known to alternate three- to four-hour periods of activity and sleep. These animals are active year-round, even in severe weather.

Wolverines Pictures
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Wolverines - Description

Wolverines are one of the largest mustelids. A large head, a rather heavy build, massive limbs, small and rounded ears and a short tail, characterizes them. Fairly poor eyesight in Wolverines is counterbalanced by keen senses of smell and hearing. The Wolverine's coat is long and dense. The fur color is normally blackish brown. There is a light brown band extending along each side of the Wolverine's body.
 Wolverines - Pictures
Picture source:
The Wolverine Foundation

Wolverines - Habitat

Wolverines live in boreal forests, brushlands, open plains and mountains. They have a habit of constructing rough beds of grass in caves. Wolverines may use burrows made by other animals. They may inhabit an area under a fallen tree.

Wolverines - Behavior

Terrestrial and nocturnal animals, Wolverines move with a loping gallop. They can gallop 10-15 km without rest. Wolverines are capable of climbing trees with a great speed and they are very strong swimmers.

As a general rule, Wolverines are solitary. The breeding season is an exception. Territorial animals, Wolverines mark their territories with secretions from anal scent glands and urine. Wolverines are vocal only when irritated. In these cases, Wolverines will growl.

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